from the penguin

Linux 2.6.39-rc3.

Why don't we write code that just works?

Or absent a "just works" set of patches, why don't we revert to code
that has years of testing?

This kind of "I broke things, so now I will jiggle things randomly
until they unbreak" is not acceptable.

Either explain why that fixes a real BUG (and why the magic constants
need to be what they are), or just revert the patch that caused the
problem, and go back to the allocation patters that have years of

Guys, we've had this discussion before, in PCI allocation. We don't do
this. We tried switching the PCI region allocations to top-down, and
IT WAS A FAILURE. We reverted it to what we had years of testing with.

Don't just make random changes. There really are only two acceptable
models of development: "think and analyze" or "years and years of
testing on thousands of machines". Those two really do work.


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