(notes) the why

They deliberately changed her memories to hide what the engineer was doing. That’s the murder. But it should be mirrored by something else in the real world. Some conspiracy or other bad action.
He split the memories and poison came gushing out (or something like that). He chose her because of all the bad she was doing. Fertile ground.

(notes) the engineer

The problem with opening up a cat to see how it’s works is the first thing you have is a dead cat.
He needed to see how things worked. While we would tend the garden, he needed to go deeper. He asked questions where no one else would.
(later on, his discoveries make all the difference. So it’s it worth it to do horrible things for knowledge?) (what horrible things are caused by his seeking?)

(notes) maybe murder

Starts with a death, and few mourners. It sends like natural causes, but it’s actually supernatural. Maybe part of a supernatural ritual. Who says it’s only the mundys who are trying to hand the system. Ha! Everyone is.