Falling/Sleeping man

So I’ve been working on my rendering, and this is a near first attempt at a watercolor. This is for Melinda on her birthday – I think she liked it. Probably should have used paper that played nicer with watercolor tho…

Photo Composite

This is also in the book covers gallery, but this is a photo composite I did that I thought went particularly well. Just want it to be big, since I like old maps quite a bit.

So there’s an algorithm that shows you need four colors to color a map and have no two adjacent sections have the same color. And Craig had an old map of India. And I had some stock photos. And bingo.

Sidewinder Fan

[videoplayer file=”/wp-content/uploads/2010/09/fanFinal.mp4″ width=”640″ height=”480″ autostart=”false” /] This is a fan from around 1940 – I think it’s a Sidewinder made by GE [?]. Modeled in NURBS. Includes rig, softbodies, and all the trimmings.