Hugo Ball born 22 February, 1886; died 14… – varia

‘The war is based on crass error.  Men have been mistaken for machines.  Machines, not men, should be decimated.  At some future date, when only the machines march, things will be better.  Then everyone will be right to rejoice when they all demolish each other.’
—from Hugo Ball’s diary, 26 June, 1915

‘One must be astonished totally, yet more and more softly.  That is how eternity wonders at the times and changes them.  One must wonder at the wonders.  And also at the wounds, the deepest and last wounds, and elevate them to the wondrous.’
—from the diary, 21 November, 1921

via Hugo Ball born 22 February, 1886; died 14… – varia.

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