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  1. Fail for open standards.

    Not even Ogg has a patent-complication-free codec.

    Win for continued multiple encodings.

    Remember when you were complaining about Apple claiming their walled garden was “open”? This is google doing the same.

    Total dick move on google’s part. Don’t let your dislike of Apple make you think this is in any way a good thing.

    1. nah – i actually like h264 – its more that I think that all these multiple standards are actually a good thing.

      i get worried when we decide on a single solution to something that is still under development.

      video isn’t done, and it shouldn’t be up to the h264 people, or the ogg people, or the m people – at least not yet.

      and i’m not really happy about all that video last year that’s sitting in h264-baseline so it’ll work in ipad, itouch, flash, etc etc – that now won’t work in chrome…

      1. sadly, like vhs and mp3, i somehow suspect that the best standard won’t necessarily win.

        and yeah you spent an absurd amount of time on those h264 vids.

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